Architectural & Security Lighting

Commercial Architectural & Security Lighting

Your Omaha business or property is your investment. Keep that investment safe and growing with commercial landscape lighting from the professionals at Midwest Lightscaping. Our expert team of designers and installers will put in quality outdoor and landscape lighting, including our budget and ECO-Friendly, LED lights. These lights use a fraction of the power that standard bulbs use and last longer with the same effect. We only offer the highest quality LED bulbs and fixtures at Midwest Lightscaping. You can also talk with our design gurus about our variety of bulbs, fixtures, and even colors.

Show off the personality of your building or store front with professionally installed outdoor and landscape lighting. Properly placed architectural or accent lights can give depth to the structure of your building, helping your business to be more prominent among its surroundings. By installing fixtures like plant bed or water feature lighting, you can make your landscape look as good or better at night as it does during the day. Adding items like LED fixtures for pathway lighting and up or down lighting can let your customers and clients walk up to a warm, inviting entrance before they step foot inside. If you already have outdoor and landscape lighting in place, we can add to or upgrade it.

Those same lights you use to show off your business can also keep it safe. Features like pathway lighting help illuminate possible hazards around your property, keeping employees and customers safer. Outdoor and landscape lighting have also been known to be one of the best preventative measures against burglars. Well-placed lighting helps shrink shadowy areas that would otherwise give cover to intruders. Don’t invest in cheap alternatives that can be annoying with harsh bright lights. Let Midwest Lightscaping professionals give you a more polished alternative to our LED options. By having landscape lighting that gives a daylight effect or simply lights a pathway, you’ll be helping to keep all visitors to your business out of harm’s way.

All of our work is guaranteed, and we want you to be completely satisfied from consultation to maintenance. To find out how we can keep your landscape lighting systems going after the install, visit our Maintenance page.

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