Landscape Lighting Repair

Landscape Lighting Repair

970554_522385114488894_1405969895_nEven the best outdoor and landscape lighting installations can have hiccups or mishaps. At Midwest Lightscaping, our work doesn’t have to stop after your Omaha property or business’s installation is complete. We know accidents happen or even more simply that bulbs burn out. Let the same professional installers you trusted to put in your landscape lighting system keep it going as well. Just because we didn’t install it, doesn’t mean we can’t repair your lighting system either. We’ll match or improve upon work that’s already been done.

We know Mother Nature can be brutal any time of year, especially in the Omaha area. Even the best-behaved kids in your neighborhood can be unpredictable, causing unintentional accidents to happen. We can restore your system back to its original state after any mishap. Don’t take the risk of getting hurt, even if it seems like a simple fix. We will make sure that every part of your outdoor and landscape lighting system is in proper working order. We want your system to look and function as well as the day it was installed.

We can also repair outdoor and landscape lighting systems already in place – there isn’t a system we can’t fix. Don’t remember how it was or have a record of what was all installed? Other companies don’t always keep you in the loop of how they went about installing your system, causing confusion later on. With our specialty equipment, we can find and repair faulty or damaged wiring. We’ll also replace burnt out bulbs, giving you the option to have the same bulbs or to use our ECO-Friendly LED bulbs. Midwest Lightscaping can provide you with details on how your system was installed, helping to avoid future confusion. See our Wire Locating page for details.

Midwest Lightscaping is dedicated to excellence so you can know your repair work is done as well as the installation, even if you had another company do the install. We guarantee our work, from installations to repairs, and want our customers to be completely satisfied. If you feel your installation or repairs aren’t up to the standards you imagined, let us know! We put a guarantee on all of our work to show it’s done right, including repairs and replacements. We proudly provide service for Omaha and the surrounding areas.

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