Landscape Lighting Wire Locating

Landscape Lighting Wire and
Dog Fence Wire Locating

Midwest Lightscaping staff always makes sure they are using the highest safety precautions while doing installs on your Omaha property. With our landscape light wire locating device, we’ll make sure that we aren’t disturbing what’s already there as we add new outdoor and landscape lighting wire or install lighting upgrades to your Omaha home, business or property.

The safe way to locate hazardous outdoor lighting wires

If you’re looking to do your own landscaping or other property upgrades, it’s important to know where hazards could be are around your area. Don’t lose more time and waste extra money by having to replace accidentally damaged landscaping lighting, outdoor lighting, or other wires like invisible dog fence wiring. We will come to your Omaha home, business, or property with our wire locating device and find wires for landscape lighting and dog fences. We can answer any questions you may have about outdoor and landscape lighting systems and installation.

Whether you expand your landscape and make changes to its design, or move on to a new property, you can be sure it’s been safely installed and documented. After we’ve installed your lighting, we’ll create a map of all the locations of our well-disguised wiring. Midwest Lightscaping will keep a copy in our system for future reference. This will help avoid any possible future mishaps for you or any future owner of the property, including the escape of a pet from an invisible fence not working properly.

Just like mom always required, we want to leave your home better and safer than we found it. With our electric wire locating device, we’ll make sure your home is never without its lighting accents and safe from crossed or cut wires. Whether it’s done by the team at Midwest Lightscaping or you do it yourself, save the cost of having to repair or replace outdoor and landscape lighting wire. If you decided to utilize our staff, all our work is backed by our guarantee. See our Repair page for more details. No one, especially the team at Midwest Lightscaping, wants the family pet to get out, becoming lost or hurt. Let us help keep your whole family safe.

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