Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts

Midwest Lightscaping offers maintenance contracts to fit all busy schedules and money conscience budgets. By having set maintenance for your Omaha property or business, you’ll have the comfort in knowing that you won’t have to go without the security from your lighting or take away that finished look of your property. We keep our contracts simple, so you don’t have to worry about any suspicious fine print.

plansWe check all fixtures for damage, replace any bulbs that are burnt out or worse, and make sure all wiring is in proper working order. This helps you keep a uniform, professional look for your business. Even when you’re not there, your business should look like it means business. When it’s missing lights or isn’t well illuminated, your business doesn’t look as polished. The same can go for your home. If you have broken fixtures or dim lighting, your property won’t look its best at night.

Don’t let your Omaha property or business be without a crucial part of its security system. Properly working outdoor and landscape lighting can be one of the biggest repellents for theft and vandalism. Burnt out or dimmed lighting can hamper your property’s safety by giving possible opportunities to intruders. Poor lighting may also create possible hazards that can harm your family, tenants, or employees. By having set maintenance, you’ll know that your landscape and outdoor lighting is doing its job by deterring unwanted guests and avoiding unnecessary hazards.

A Plan That Works for You

maintenance photoSome companies in the Omaha area offer annual repair and service contacts. At Midwest Lightscaping, we feel that to keep your system running well, you need more than a once-a-year appointment. One option we offer is a bi-annual contract. With bi-annual, we can check your fixtures and system after the harsh winters and what-can-be sweltering summers in the Midwest.

We also offer a quarterly contract option for those who require the ultimate in service and upkeep.  Even with our popular bi-annual service plan, changes in the landscape between services can compromise the way your system looks and operates.  A proactive quarterly service can mean the difference in a first impression or the security of your property.

Both of our contracts are backed by our satisfaction guarantee for all of our repair work. You can rest assured that Midwest Lightscaping will keep your Omaha property or business looking its best and ensuring your security with properly working light fixtures. Check out our Repair page for more information.

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