Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential Landscape Lighting

Exterior lighting by Midwest Lightscaping of Omaha can accentuate your home's beauty.Midwest Landscaping offers a wide variety of options when it comes to adding outdoor lighting and landscape lighting to your Omaha home. We offer a range of colors, fixtures and styles. Because we only use the highest quality products, we offer a full line of copper and brass fixtures, many with lifetime warranties. We also offer a full line of LED bulbs and LED-integrated fixtures.

Include us early in your landscaping projects. By waiting until the last minute or making outdoor lighting and landscape lighting an afterthought, you may not be able to achieve the best solution for your project. Inexperienced others and their makeshift solutions can mean more money spent later to replace fixtures or cheap lighting. Midwest Lightscaping makes sure your installation is done well and in a timely manner. We can even add to or install upgrades if you already have a system in place.

Highlight Your Home With Exterior Lighting

Exterior residential pathway lighting by Midwest Lightscaping of Omaha.Enjoy your outdoor living spaces long after the sun has set with outdoor lighting. You can add accent lighting to the features around your home such as foliage, hardscapes, and water features. We can help illuminate your yard and walkways so that you can entertain late into the night. Use landscape lighting to accent a pool area to help create a relaxing atmosphere and add some safety.

Well installed outdoor lighting and exterior landscape lighting adds safety and security to your home and family. It can also boost curb appeal and make your property look as good in the evening as it does during the day. See our Residential Architectural and Security page for more information.

Outdoor lighting and landscape lighting is not just for plants and homes. Landscape lighting has as many practical and functional uses as decorative uses. We can install fixtures at a vacation spot, illuminate sports areas like a tennis court, give better visibility to a garage, and even accentuate a fire feature. Have an outdoor kitchen? Make it seem more like the one in your home with stylish fixtures in a layout created and installed by Midwest Lightscaping. Having the right outdoor lighting helps give personality to your home, create the desired mood and, of course, shine light where you need it. 

Professionally installed outdoor lighting and landscape lighting can add so much to your home and property. Whether it is for your primary Omaha residence or a vacation home, let Midwest Lightscaping illuminate your property and do it right the first time. Ask us about a free consultation and visit our Maintenance page to see how we continue to keep your system going strong long after the installation is complete.

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