Architectural & Security Lighting

Residential Architectural & Security Lighting

Architectural and security lighting from Midwest Lightscaping in Omaha.Outdoor and landscape lighting is more than being able to see at night. The right lighting can add security or depth to your Omaha home or property, especially with the selection Midwest Lightscaping has to offer of fixtures, colors, and bulbs. These include our budget and ECO-Friendly LED lights. They use a fraction of the power and last longer than a standard halogen with the same effect. Midwest Lightscaping has only the highest quality LED bulbs and fixtures available. Call us for a free consultation.

Don’t put your property or family at risk with one kind of security. Landscape lighting and outdoor security lighting have been known to be one of the best deterrents for intruders. They can help give the impression of someone being home, as well as decrease the areas that unwanted guests could hide. Having properly placed landscape lighting and security lighting can also illuminate possible hazards on your property. Whether it’s lighting a pathway or giving a daylight effect, you’ll be able to keep family members and guests safe and out of harm’s way. Don’t go with a cheap alternative only to end up with an annoyingly harsh bright light that can disturb your neighbors or one that doesn’t provide the amount of light it claims and leaves you in the dark. Let the professional installers at Midwest Lightscaping give you a smart alternative to our LED lights.

Show off your home’s best features

Highlight your home's best features with architectural lighting from Midwest Lightscaping in Omaha.We use these same lights to show off the unique structures of your Omaha home or property. Areas that can only be seen during the day can have the same or even more stunning look at night with strategically placed architectural and accent lighting. We can also install our LED fixtures to areas such as pathways, plant beds, water features, up or down lighting, and even a fire feature. Our expert installers will help make your Omaha home look as good or better at night as it does during the day. We can even renew or add to old systems, even if we didn’t do the initial install.

All of our work is guaranteed, and we want you to be completely satisfied from consultation to maintenance. To find out how we can keep your landscape lighting systems going after the install; visit our Maintenance page.

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