Special Events

Special Events

UP wideEvery event needs a way to help create the right atmosphere for the specific celebration. Let Midwest Lightscaping help make your special event memorable with outdoor and landscape lighting that will give the right impression to your party. We can add something extra to any type of special occasion in the Omaha area. Our professionals are available for consultations and installation for outdoor events that need accent lighting.

Lighting for Weddings, Corporate Events and More

Whether you’re going for soft and romantic, or bright and boisterous, we can help set the right mood for your wedding. We have options like lit pathways, mellow spotlights, and accent lighting. We also offer a variety of colors and fixtures to match your wedding décor, helping to keep everything in unison. We will help ensure the landscape lighting fits with the feel of your wedding. Our design team can help you create the right atmosphere to make your day special.

event lighting 1Make celebrating your Omaha company’s accomplishments or co-worker’s retirements lighthearted with landscape lighting. We offer spotlights for speakers, lighting that can accentuate floral arrangements, or keep party goers safe by illuminating walkways and party areas. Having the right lighting can add professionalism and elegance to the environment making it even more memorable. Let your celebration go late into the night with landscape lighting done by Midwest Lightscaping. Give your clients and associates something to talk about for months; let your employees feel important knowing you only used the best for their celebration.

Put the spotlight on a milestone birthday with perfectly placed landscape lighting. Our expert installers will help a sweet sixteen sparkle or make any wise elder look as young as they feel. With our professional landscape lighting in place, you can help them feel extra special on their special day while giving your guests something to remember for years to come.

Whatever the occasion, let Midwest Lightscaping help you create memories. We offer rentals of all of our fixtures and systems if you only need them for a short period of time. We also have high-quality equipment and devices for sale as well if you are looking for a more permanent placement.Visit our Design page to see how we can help make any special occasion shine with the right landscape lighting.

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